"Cultural Intelligence is the ability to make oneself understood and the ability to create a fruitful collaboration in situations where cultural differences play a role."

Elisabeth Plum


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On the face of it, issues of diversity and inclusion seem easy to address. Discrimination is bad. Open-mindedness is good. Every culture has value and every person should be welcome.

But scratch the surface and you'll find a host of complexities and conflicts in today's diverse workplaces. Or, as Creative Diversity Solutions founder Myra Hindus, MSW calls them, "the elephants in the room." Working with people who are different from us can produce anxiety, anger, guilt, competitiveness…the full range of human emotions. Rather than confront these complexities, work groups often avoid or deny the problems. That's a recipe for even more conflict.

A Record of Achievement

Myra Hindus

Creative Diversity Solutions helps organizations mediate conflict and address areas of difference in a positive, constructive setting. Myra Hindus and her colleagues create a safe environment for even the most difficult discussions, and put in place practical policies and goals that align with each organization's unique strategic vision. Myra is an inspirational and trusted leader with a proven, 30-year track record of helping premier universities and other organizations move their diversity and inclusion initiatives forward.

Between 1981-1999, Myra created and led a number of programs in higher education focused on gender issues. She has extensive expertise in Title IX and sexual violence on college campuses, both as a consultant and an administrator.

A Holistic Approach

Our enterprise-wide approach to diversity and inclusion is rooted in the idea that everyone is responsible for building an organization's cultural intelligence, not just the Diversity or Affirmative Action office. We define cultural intelligence in its broadest context across multiple human dimensions, such as race, ability, gender, gender identity, religion, nationality, class, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation.

Our Services

Through coaching, consulting, strategic planning, and organizational development, Creative Diversity Solutions consultants provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively navigate in a diverse workplace and world.

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