"People need to see that, far from being an obstacle, the world's diversity of languages, religions and traditions is a great treasure, affording us precious opportunities to recognize ourselves in others."

Musician Youssou N'Dour
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Consulting Leadership

Myra HindusMyra Hindus is a visionary diversity leader with more than 30 years of experience across university and organizational settings. She is expert at enabling diverse teams of employees, students, and other stakeholders to work across differences and draw from their strengths to create welcoming, inclusive communities.

Myra Hindus is currently an adjunct instructor at Boston University School of Social Work, teaching Racial Justice and Cultural Oppression.

Higher Education

Prior to forming Creative Diversity Solutions Myra served as the inaugural Vice President for Cultural Diversity at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. At Berklee, Myra founded and developed the college's first Office for Cultural Diversity and implemented two strategic diversity plans. She created a coordinated, cohesive system that aligned a strong vision for diversity across the college population of more than 5,000 students, faculty and staff. Learn more.

Myra was ideally positioned to create Berklee's diversity initiatives, drawing on her 20 years of experience in higher education at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Princeton University, and the University of Connecticut. While at Princeton, she established a pioneering program to combat sexual violence on campus. At the University of Connecticut, she directed the Women's Center and also helped establish the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which merged multiple programs and academic centers focused on diversity.

Non-Profit Organizations

Myra served as the director of the Diversity Coalition at the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) before joining Berklee. In that role, she spearheaded a nationally recognized, statewide diversity initiative for 23 legal services programs. Myra's leadership led to systemic change throughout legal services through the creation of a Diversity Action Plan, system-wide training on diversity and cultural competence, and the design of new policies and communication tools.

Consulting Experience

Myra has consulted extensively with colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, state task forces, private hospitals, employers, labor unions and community groups, including: Brown University, Mt. Holyoke College, Smith College, Amherst College, University of Hartford, University of Rochester, American International College, Rhode Island Task Force on Sexual Assault, and the Rhode Island and University of Massachusetts Labor Education Institutes.