At Creative Diversity Solutions we do exactly what our name says— apply innovative and time-tested strategies, processes, and solutions to help organizations create and sustain diverse and respectful communities.

Our solutions address the many human dimensions— race, color, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, ability, age, and sexual orientation. Diversity includes everybody—we all bring something to the table. So we work across differences; in fact, we take advantage of those differences, to draw from people's strengths and create an inclusive environment.

From developing multi-year, enterprise-wide diversity strategies to designing and leading weeklong workshops and weekend employee retreats, our coaches and consultants collaborate with clients to promote frank, open discourse on issues of diversity and inclusion.

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Service Descriptions

Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment establishes a benchmark for an organization’s current diversity strategy, processes, and environment. We help clients evaluate their internal systems and assess the organizational culture, with the dual goals of increasing the effectiveness of addressing diversity issues and institutionalizing diversity as a part of day-to-day life.

We look at a range of issues including the impact of diversity on recruitment and retention and client/student/employee satisfaction with the current climate. Tools include one-on-one interviews, written and online surveys, and focus groups. 

Coaching and Consulting

A diverse workforce or student body can present new challenges for all stakeholders. Creative Diversity Solutions helps leaders, managers, students, and staff deal with complex workplace and student-related diversity issues. We coach individuals, teams, diversity councils, and task forces to identify and target particular challenges in each environment.

Our coaches and consultants provide cross-cultural conflict resolution and mediation, and work with discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying issues. The ultimate goal is to make the workplace and academic environments more welcoming and accessible to all groups across the spectrum of race, gender, class, culture, and other dimensions.

Diversity Education and Training

Creative Diversity Solutions develops educational programs on diversity and cultural intelligence issues for staff, students, and faculty that begin at the highest levels of the organization.  We train staff on managing across differences, building respectful campus and work environments, and combating discrimination and bullying. Education programs also focus on changing behaviors and raising awareness about diversity and inclusion.

Through both in-person and online e-learning modules we tailor programs to the particular needs of each organization.

Strategic Planning

Building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment is not the work of a single person or department. Everyone is responsible for getting this work done, so organizations need to develop a strategic plan that “institutionalizes” policies, procedures, and programs.

We help organizations develop specific diversity plans and goals with measurable outcomes that are aligned with the client’s overall strategic objectives. In a college environment, for example, this strategy builds diversity goals into every area of the operation: enrollment, student life, academic affairs, community relations, institutional advancement, and facilities.

Organizational Development

Organizational development and diversity should always be intertwined. All too often, though, these issues are spoken of and handled quite separately, with diversity marginalized as a side issue.

Creative Diversity Solutions works with clients to address dynamics within their organization—including barriers to success and leadership development—to ensure issues of diversity are considered an integral part of an organization’s day-to-day operation.