"Cultural Intelligence is the ability to make oneself understood and the ability to create a fruitful collaboration in situations where cultural differences play a role."

Elisabeth Plum
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"It is so easy to come across as a scold when trying to guide institutions, and importantly, the people in them, towards broadening their community and changing how they act towards one another. It is recognizably difficult to do this without being self-righteous, and it is downright masterful to do it with the equanimity, grace, humor and humanity that you possess.
Leslie P. Henderson, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Associate Dean for Diversity, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

"Myra Hindus knows how to get an entire organization from top to bottom to systematize diversity in the most authentic and practical of ways."
Kelly Bates, Executive Director, Access Strategies

"I have worked with Myra for over ten years in many different capacities. My respect and admiration for her work is unbounded. She possesses a rare ability to fully engage and attend to people on an individual level while simultaneously being able to observe and evaluate the big issues –the systemic overview. She has an exceptional ability to understand the dynamics of an organization and to suggest appropriate change; most importantly she is able to get buy in from the individuals involved in a way that ensures the change.
Lynn Girton, Chief Counsel, Volunteer Lawyers Project, Boston, MA

"In consulting with Myra and her team on assessment of the diversity initiative, I found Myra to be adept at conceptualizing the various facets of diversity and inclusion, and how the manifestation of these facets are institution-specific. She was unfailingly open to all ideas and perspectives, a role model for the ultimate goal of diversity -- inclusion. Myra guided Berklee toward its critical "next level," and she did so with a sensitivity that evoked acceptance by the Berklee community.
Susan Gailey, Director of Institutional Research & Assessment, Berklee College of Music

"Myra had great insight into what was needed at Berklee. She shepherded the creation of a diversity strategy. She collaborated and coached others resulting in numerous events and activities forging new connections. She helped us to understand the ways we could create a level playing field and a more welcoming environment. Myra is creative, insightful, strategic, and effective. I recommend her highly.
Amelia Koch, VP Finance, Berklee College of Music

"Your sessions were very engaging and thought provoking. In this day and age it's nice to finally know someone who understands and can also convey the message about diversity."
D. Antoine Blalark, Assistant Registrar, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Office of Student Affairs

"Myra is a smart and dedicated team-player who provided excellent leadership in helping Berklee create a more welcoming and inclusive environment. [She] crafted a strategy and process that helped move the college forward, with a lasting impact that will serve the institution for years to come. As a colleague on the president's cabinet, Myra worked closely with all the vice presidents in shaping the college's strategy to embrace diversity.
David Mash, Vice President for Technology & Education Outreach, Berklee College of Music